Terms and Conditions

Indonesiapleasure brings certain some terms and conditions for its customers. Each of these should be understood, accepted and adhered to. Please go through the following terms and conditions and know everything before you order any product from our website:

We are against selling products to anyone under 18 years of age. While placing the order, if he/she does not mention the age limit, or if, he/she is found to be below 18, the order will NOT be accepted. 

A maximum time period of 48 hours will be allotted to customers for reporting in case he/she gets any inappropriate product. If the customer fails to report within this time period, the request for cancelling the order shall NOT be accepted. 

We are ready to replace the product only if it gets delivered in bad condition or if it is delivered with any dispute. But we will NOT accept any request for money refund. 

We strictly deal in fresh products only. Therefore, we will NOT accept return requests for any used product. No matter what the reason is, we will NOT take return requests for products that have been used by the customer already. 

Every product we sell online is intended to meet private purposes only. We do NOT sell products for commercial reasons or out of any business motive. We are missioned towards promoting sexual wellness, and hence we advise our users not to share any product with any other person. 

If the customer is answerable for damaging a product after receiving it in proper condition, we will NOT accept any return request in such a case. Since we are not responsible for the damage, we will NOT accept any sort of return request for the damaged product.