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Sex Toys in Indonesia : One of the reasons why sex toys in Indonesia have reached the zenith of popularity is for being the world’s 4th most populous country. Well, it is also the biggest nation in Southeast Asia and holds a population of 28 crores approximately. 

Furthermore, it is one of the most travel-friendly destinations where a large percentage of tourists explore every year. Even the inhabitants here are liberal towards sexual relationships, which have contributed significantly towards triggering the demand for sex toys equally among men, women, and couples.

In this regard, Indonesiapleasure.com unlocks the most remarkable collection of mature toys at the most affordable price. This online sex toys store in Indonesia has got aware of how and what people need to make their sex life as peaceful as possible. Hence, it has got such adult toys and gadgets that would cut off the boredom of a stereo-type sex life.


How Beneficial it is to Buy Sex Toys Online from Indonesia Pleasure?

Indonesia Pleasure has got something for everyone. Yes, it’s true that no matter what sexual status one holds, one would never go disappointed while shopping here for sex toys in Indonesia. Most importantly, it has a big workforce with efficient sales executives and customer care team which strive day and night to serve each of its customers with perfection.

Indonesiapleasure.com even makes it so effortless for anyone who wishes to buy online sex toys in Jakarta. Just a few clicks and the order can be placed right from your home. There is even assurance for discreet delivery right at your address and, of course, on time.


Is it Easy and Safe to Order Sex Toys Online from Indonesiapleasure.com?

When it comes to authenticity and satisfaction, Indonesia Pleasure will never leave any question lurking in anyone’s mind. It assures complete transparency in taking orders and delivering them through standard packages. Most importantly, it lets one avail flexible payment modes and keeps every transaction secure and confidential.

As far as the ordering process goes, one can order either through the website directly and make online payment or take the help of a customer care executive to get an order processed.


What Sex Toys are Available at Indonesia Pleasure?

Indonesia Pleasure takes utmost pleasure as well as an opportunity to present a unique variety of sex toys to men and women, singles, and couples. This online shop has separated its products through several categories and subcategories which would let customers buy with convenience.

Even if it is about shopping for sex toys in Jakarta, Indonesia Pleasure will make it a pleasant job for you.


Now, have a look at the sex toys available at Indonesia Pleasure:


Female Sex Toys in Indonesia

All girls who are willing to meet their horniest desires will love exploring the ‘For Her’ category here at Indonesiapleasure.com. Let’s find out what’s in store for them here:

Sex Toys for Girls

Right from fun vibrators to realistic vibrators, sex machines to electro sex toys, girls will be thrilled to shop here and bring home the hottest sex toys for females.

Accessories for Girls

The ‘Accessories for Girls’, segment brings some cool nipple vibrators, quality steel rings, silicone breast prosthesis, and more. These accessories are all of high quality and quite safe to use for sensitive skin.

Needs for Girls

This section comprises breast enhancement creams, pussy pumps, artificial hymen, and moon period cups. All these products are quite essential to help women stay active throughout their sex life.


Male Sex Toys in Indonesia

Indonesiapleasure.com has an incredible section for men too who are looking for adult products for revitalized sex life. The ‘For Him’ category brings the following products for men:

Sex Toys for Boys

Find the latest male strokers, big artificial vagina, silicone love dolls, and masturbators here among the sex toys for males. These are of exceptional quality and unmatched durability.

Needs for Boys

The needy male sex toys here include everything from penis rings, penis sleeves to penis enlargement pumps, boys sex kit, and more.


Couple Sex Toys in Indonesia

The ‘For Couple’ category brings on imported toy cleaners, modern anal dildos, quality strap-on, and more for couples to have double the fun.

Moreover, there are anal beads and anal vibrators for partners interested to enjoy anal sex. The products here are sexually safe and ensure positive results.


Some Other Adult Products


Party Sex Toys in Indonesia

The collection of party toys here at Indonesiapleasure.com is worth mentioning. It includes everything a bondage sex lover would want. So, one would find here anything from chastity lock to sex swing, mouth ball gag to leather whip, and the likes.

Besides, the pheromone sprays are not to be missed as these are ideal for attracting partners towards each other. There are also scented candles and special lighters for decking up one’s bedroom in an erotic manner.


Lube and Herbal Sex Toys in Indonesia

The products belonging to this category are all made of natural substances. Here one would come across desensitizers, Thai herbal massage oil, herbal sexy products, etc.

The range of arousal gels and lubricants is also huge and worth considering. The sex drops and coffee packs are also designed to trigger one’s sensual powers in bed.


Long Distance Sex Toys in Indonesia

Indonesia Pleasure has got some cutting-edge app control vibrators for couples who are willing to get naughty to each other from long distances. These app control vibrators need Bluetooth support and installation of a specific smartphone application.


Witness our Top 12 Sex Toys in Indonesia

Being one of Indonesia’s eminent online sex toy stores, Indonesiapleasure today has acquired a special place in the hearts of thousands. As mentioned earlier, it just does not own typical sex toys but rather preserves the trendiest adult products along with accessories.

So, men and women from different corners of Indonesia will now have valid reasons to take deep pleasure in shopping here for high-quality sex toys in Indonesia.

Indonesiapleasure hereby brings you the top 10 sex toys for men, women, and couples. Let’s have a quick look at the list:


Rabbit Vibrator

The popularity of a rabbit vibrator has been quite evident for years. Our online sex toys store in Indonesia, therefore, brings you an upgraded stock that would comprise the latest models with new features. These rabbit vibrators are best known for giving women their desired clitoral stimulation.

Be it quality, material, or functionality, the rabbit vibrators here are worth giving women satisfactory orgasms during their solos. Currently, it is in high demand among female toys in Indonesia.


Realistic Vibrator

Another type of vibrator that has attracted a huge percentage of ladies in Indonesia is realistic vibrator. As the name says it all, these vibrators take a very realistic shape of a male penis. The vibrating patterns are strong and effective enough to stimulate a lady’s private parts.

Our online sex toys store in Indonesia owns a brilliant range of realistic vibrators that are quite advanced and yet so affordable. Girls who have been dying to try a solo session in a completely new manner will love using this outstanding product.


Silicone Love Doll

Indonesian men seem to be happier nowadays with sex dolls. Yes, the demand for these hot dolls has hit high among the male sex toys in Indonesia. As these are made out of silicone, men find these products quite soft and cuddling.

The most notable point about a silicone love doll is that it is so real that one would initially mistake her with a real one. These sexy dolls come with accurate private parts that lend them a lifelike look.


Penis Extender Sleeve

Believe it or not, men would do anything to make their genitals respond to sex. So, a penis extender sleeve would be the safest alternative to pills, tablets, or surgeries. These penis extender sleeves when worn over the penis send sensations and make it harder and gradually bigger.

Men are sure to love the collection of penis extender sleeves here at Indonesiapleasure. Some come with different textures, colors, and even lengths. Comfortable to wear, these penis sleeves will also bring positive results to men facing problems like erectile dysfunction.


Cock Ring

Did you ever think someday a ring would be made to be worn over the penis? Well, the cock rings are not something new or weird. Rather, these have been popularized among men in various cities throughout Indonesia. One wears it simply around the penis and feels stimulated for an erection.

Men who have been struggling hard to achieve erection will now benefit from wearing a cock ring. Indonesiapleasure now owns an exclusive collection where every product is of excellent quality and durability.


Electro Sex Toy

No other sex toy promises to lend you an electrifying effect than what an electro sex toy does. With the unification of electricity and passion, these toys are just mind-blowing for women. Owing to their advanced mechanism, these advanced erotic gadgets promise women to fulfill their orgasmic needs.

As women enjoy getting those electrical impulses to their private parts, they experience intense stimulations and derive maximum pleasure out of it. Our online sex toys store in Indonesia has a splendid collection that is worth considering for all horny girls.



As per our sources, the last five months have reported the highest number of strap-on users shopping at Indonesiapleasure. This has been a very popular product among the couple sex toys in Indonesia that made good business.  

Although it primarily benefits lesbians, the couples to derive a lot of pleasure and fun from this sex toy. It brings along a harness along with a dildo attached for penetration. It is very easy to wear and makes lovemaking extremely pleasurable.


App Control Vibrator

App control vibrators are simply remarkable in terms of keeping long-distance relationships. Rather, these advanced bullet vibrators make it easier for couples to enjoy lovemaking from different places. These are app-based vibrators and can be operated through smartphones.

Indonesiapleasure showed a rising figure in respect to the number of users for app control vibrators. With time, the popularity of these female sex toys in Indonesia will go sky-high.


Anal Dildo

Anal sex is a popular form of lovemaking in Indonesia. Among the callers we got, many couples said anal dildos help them get much closer. So, we got these dildos in great variety at our store. As per the sales figures, we would keep it among the top ten sex toys in Indonesia for couples.

Indonesiapleasure has not only got anal dildos but also other toys for anal love like anal beads, butt plugs, anal vibrators, and more. So, those looking for anal sex products will find shopping worth here.


Bullet Vibrator

If you haven’t heard about toys that give double penetration to women, it’s a bullet vibrator that deserves attention. It is a well-known adult product for girls who want to have some more orgasm and a little bit of naughtiness.

On browsing this online sex toys store in Indonesia, one would come across some amazing bullet vibrators with multi-speed settings and other fantastic features. Ask a girl whether she would like to add a bullet vibrator to her solo session and she would no less be excited.


Pussy pump

Are you one among those ladies who want some more sensations in her genitals? A pussy pump would be an ideal choice in this respect. These female sex toys in Indonesia make considerable use of vacuum around the clit. This results in creating irresistible sensations on the female genitals.  

Try the latest pussy pumps available at Indonesiapleasure and believe it or not, women will go crazy. Every product here is of unmatched quality and assures good results in a quick time.


Penis Enlargement Cream

A lot of men in Indonesia had asked us whether enlargement creams do good work for the penis. Yes, the enlargement creams at Indonesiapleasure are incredibly effective and have given great results within 2 to 3 weeks.

As these creams are formulated with safe ingredients, men find these useful to strengthen their penile tissues. Consequently, men find it confident to perform on bed. Indonesiapleasure now owns some safe and skin-friendly enlargement creams that would benefit men for sure.

So, here we brought you the best 12 adult toys and accessories at Indonesiapleasure. Each of these products does not bring any side effects while the results depend a lot on how the individual is using it. Hence, it is advisable to use every product with absolute safety so that the results are achieved faster.


Final Words

So, here comes Indonesiapleasure.com at your service to make you play with some awesome sex toys for much better sex life. Just place an order anytime and get it at your doorstep in 4 to 5 business days. Stay home and enjoy shopping online for your favorite sex toys.

One can order any of these sex toys in Indonesia right from the store or make a call to the customer care department for an order. 



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You help other people in their purchases by sharing your experience.

about 11 days
Saad B.
Soft and real-like body parts are very erotic
Life has changed after I found this awesome vibrating big artificial vagina. It makes me crazy with wild desires and helps me to enjoy every single moment of my loneliness in a great way. The design and the softness of the mature toy are praiseworthy. The delivery was given within time only.
about 18 days
Pon S.
Massaging the area gives the best stimulation to me
The massager is a perfect device that I purchased after searching a lot of websites. The colour combination with the design is very different. I can hardly control my wild desires whenever I start playing with it. The vibes are out of the world and l am very excited after having this toy.
about 25 days
Natalie S.
Its give me stress-free feelings
The massage with thai herbal oil is really pleasurable. Both I and my husband together bought it from this website. The oil is superb as both of us can really feel stress-free after the massage with it and even it makes us erotic too.
about 1 month
Andrew Z.
Perfect one for me!!
Hello guys, I am here to express my experience with this male stroker. This toy is actually awesome as it is ribbed. I can feel new sensations inside my body whenever I start to play with it. The packing of the male stroker during delivery was also perfect.
about 1 month
Hary S.
It is pleasurable and the colour is also good
I was looking for cock rings and then I saw this nice boys sex kit with so many cock rings in it. Moreover, it has 7 different penis extender sleeves. Each toy present in this kit is different and has a unique design.
about 1 month
Eka K.
Awesome vibrating pussy
Making love in doggy style is really pleasurable. So, when I saw this awesome vibrating pussy present in doggy style, I can’t stop myself from becoming naughty. I just love to play with its pussy and guys if you still thinking about buying it, then go for it. The natural look and the soft inner parts are the best.
about 1 month
Sherina M.
Spike Thorn Female Masturbation Fun Vibrator FV-010
Spike Thorn Female Masturbation Fun Vibrator FV-010
Color SKIN Total Length 10 Insertable Length 5 Dia 4 Material SILICONE Rechargable No Wireless No No. of Battery...
This erotic awesome-looking gadget is outstanding
Vibrators are always impressive to give pleasure. That’s why I have a weakness for all kinds of the vibrator. This erotic awesome-looking gadget is outstanding to pinpoint my pleasure area effectively. The single vibrating mode is perfect to handle and the colour is also nice.
about 2 months
Gita G.
I was really surprised to see it
I am here to write down my experience with this artificial vagina. Well, I bought it last month before my marriage. As I am a sportsperson, I had doubts about my vaginal bleeding on the first night. So, I used it and I was really surprised to see that it works so nicely. Not even I can doubt this product.
about 2 months
Hendra S.
Now I can make my every night equally enjoyable with this toy
Life of a solo man is always fun-filled. However, this doubles with some innovative pleasure giving mature toys. Recently, I had Googled for small and erotic male mature toys on many websites. But this one grabbed my attention. The pussy comes in a can but equally pleasurable. Playing with it had given me thrilling experience during my private hours.
about 3 months
Elysha C.
Color HEATHER Total Length 7.4 Insertable Length 3.5 Dia 3.2 Material SILICONE Rechargable No Wireless No No. of...
I am impressed with your service.. thank you
Depending on my mood I love both mild and strong vibes. The device which I have chosen is perfect for the both. The long and sturdy toy pinpoints the pleasure area and gives me multiple orgasms. The colour of this device is equally nice. The discreet delivery of the product is also praiseworthy.
about 3 months
Mr. A.
We both are really happy after using it
I bought this app control vibrator for my wife. This is really an awesome product that can be easily controlled by the other partner using the smart phone. The curved device is brilliant to stimulate the private parts. There are various other functions present in this device which makes it special and helpful for both the partners.
about 3 months
Aliyudin A.
I don’t like its colour, otherwise it works perfectly
Anal play with anal toys is really magical. That’s why I bought this anal toy for my partner. The beaded head is capable of producing extra sensations in the private part. By slowing playing with it increases her wildness and gives her quicker orgasms. Moreover, the multiple vibrating speed of the device adds more fun.
about 4 months
Mrs. B.
Best quality toy cleaner
I am a married woman. Me and my husband have plenty of adult toys. Unfortunately, due to lack of proper toy cleaner many of our adult toys are lying unused. However, thanks to this online store where we have find quality toy cleaner which saved the toys in our collection. Moreover, using it is also very easy and quantity provided is also satisfactory. In short, we are just grateful to this store.
about 4 months
Fitri C.
Best device for female
Really happy with this pump! At first I thought it might be challenging to use. But as I started using it, I found it quite comforting. Smart product in other words for all those women who want to extend their breast size in the safest manner! They have grown bigger and I love to keep swaying them from one end to the other!
about 4 months
Christine L.
Too much pretty product
Using a rabbit vibrator is no doubt heavenly; at least I feel on using this gadget. Thankfully, I picked the right product that met my carnal desires perfectly. Quite satisfied on paying for it! I would love to explore the other models from this store! Thanks you folks!
about 4 months
Chelsea I.
One of the best product for female
Thank god I am able to carry it to my workplace! It has such a nice portable size and the name is just perfect. Whenever I feel sick at work, I just take it to the washroom and unwind myself. Good investment I must say and girls would find no reason to hate it.
about 5 months
Fedi N.
Amazing BDSM for couple
Bondage sex is our longtime fantasy and the black leather strap string harness is our favorite. I can’t control my naughty desires with just a look of my wife wearing this sexy strap harness. The all-in-one body harness adorns the bust that makes me take advantage of each and every portion of her body. That is what makes us excited and more erotic.
about 5 months
Reza R.
Full Body Real Silicone Super Girl SG-001
Full Body Real Silicone Super Girl SG-001
Height 4 Feet Material SILICONE Weight 20 kg.
Wow.. It's look likes a realistic female
I am cuddling her again and again. It looks like a realistic female with soft sensitive areas. Moreover, when I dress her up in some sexy lingerie, I can’t control myself from making love with her. The flexibility of the figure also leaves me restless to try different positions of making out with her. One more thing I loved about your website is the packaging which has been done perfectly in a standard delivery box.
about 5 months
Pevita P.
No doubt on product quality.. but price is high
I have used glass dildo earlier but this silicone jack rabbit vibrator is a fascinating product. It is soft like anything and easily penetrates. The vibrating feature stimulates my vaginal walls and clitoris. It also hits my pleasure point accurately. I can easily change its mode from low to high and get multiple orgasms. I like this product very much but I would prefer a deeper color.
about 5 months
Mrs. O.
Wow.. so pretty product
Lovemaking can go to the next level with this mind-blowing product. I am experiencing such a pleasurable sex life now. The fluorescent beads stick is dotted and produces vibrations in different vibrating modes. The material is soft and easily penetrates inside. The product is indeed good and the color is attractive too.
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