Secure Payment

Indonesiapleasure assures complete safety for customers to shop from anywhere in India. With the most convenient and safest modes of payment, Indonesiapleasure will make it easy for everyone to buy things with ease.

The following payment schemes can be availed at Indonesiapleasure:

Debit/Credit card – One of the fastest and safest ways to pay online is through a Debit or a Credit card. We here at Shake Pleasure have this facility for anyone who wish to make instant payment online from any place. The transactional details of customers are all kept confidential and one can, therefore, be assured to stay safe in making payments like these.

Bankware - BankWare is a customer-based banking solution that runs the front, middle and back office of any bank of any size. It is a very flexible payment scheme that operates in different time zones. It has a very easy-going interface that makes it quite easier to use. Moreover, it is faster to configure and quite reliable for making payments.